The 682 area code is made up of many cities and also cuts across many counties. The largest city in the 682 area code is Fort Worth. Another large city in the 682 area code is Arlington. Besides these two cities, the rest of the 682 area code is made up of a plethora of smaller cities in Northern Texas. Fort Worth and Arlington both have lots of entertainment venues and a history of western culture to them. In addition, many large corporations are headquartered in the 682 area code, and most residents make a modest income here. Thus, the 682 area code is a popular place for lawyers to raise their families and work in.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is an impressive city. It is the seventeenth largest city in the country, and within the state of Texas, the fifth largest city. The 682 area code city also spans a large geographic location: it is almost 300 square miles, and located on both boundaries of the American South and the American West. Forth Worth spans four counties: Tarrant, Parker, Denton, and Wise counties. Because of its naturally large geographic size and population, many lawyers and other business professionals work and live in Forth Worth.

682 Demographics

Fort Worth currently has a population of about 727,000 people. However, by 2030 it is estimated that it will have 1,211,665 residents. This projection is not too surprising, as Fort Worth was the fastest growing, large city in the country from 2000 to 2006 (in 2000, it had a population of just 534,000 people). Corresponding with this population growth, the 682 area code city has also been voted as one of “America’s Most Livable Communities.” For this reason, many lawyers like to call Fort Worth their home.

The 682 area code city is primarily Caucasian. Racially, Fort Worth is about 63% White, 18% Black, and 3.5% Asian. About 195,000 people live in households, and there are 127,000 families living in Fort Worth. The median income for a household in the city is $37,000, and for a family, $42,000. The per capita income for the city is at $18,000. Males also make slightly more money, at $31,000 a year compared to $25,000 for females. Close to 16% of the population lives below the poverty line. Many of those who are lawyers or in the legal profession fall within the upper-middle class portion of these demographics.

Finally, despite the city’s tremendous size, Fort Worth is one of the safest cities in the country. It was ranked as the ninth-safest city among those cities with a population over 500,000. For this reason, many well-to-do business professionals, including lawyers, like to raise their families here.

682 Notable People

Many notable people have come from the 682 area code. Some of them are lawyers or were former lawyers, but many of them are known for things outside the legal profession. They range from being famous for the arts, music, sports, and politics. Unfortunately, some notable people from the 682 area code are also known for their notoriety in crime or other offenses.

Notable 682 area code residents who were once former lawyers include Tom Schieffer, a U.S. Ambassador to Japan and candidate for Texas Governor; and Debra Lehrmann, a family court judge and Republican nominee for the Texas Supreme Court. Other famous people include Kate Capshaw (actress), Alan Bean (astronaut), Benton Jennings (Actor), and Johnny Rutherford (race car driver), among others.

Some of the more notorious residents of the 682 area code include Big Lurch, an American Rapper who is known serving a life sentence for murder and cannibalism; and Soapy Smith, an infamous con man from the 1800s who started his career in the 682 area code.

682 Economy

Given its large size, it’s not surprising that many large companies make the 682 area code their home. For example, both American Airlines and AMR corporation are headquartered in Fort Worth. Many lawyers taking business trips often use these carriers for national trips. Other large companies that are headquartered in the 682 area code include Acme Brick, Airforce Airguns, Bell Helicopter Textron, Buxton, Cash American International, Dickies, Dunlaps, First Command Financial Planning, GM Financial, Lockheed Martin, RadioShack, Rahr and Sons Brewing Company, Pier 1 Imports, TPG Capital, and XTO Energy, among others.

All of these companies employ lawyers to work for them, and this constitutes a substantial portion of the legal work in Fort Worth. These lawyers serve as corporate counsel to the companies, and help in regulatory matters as well as lawsuits. Lawyers who are not seen working in these large companies also work in smaller to mid sized law firms. These lawyers work in every kind of law, with criminal defense, personal injury, and family law being very popular.

682 Schools

There are many well-regarded schools in the 682 area code, especially institutions of higher education. They include the Art Institute of Fort Worth, Texas Christian University, Tarrant County College, Texas Wesleyan University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, University of Texas at Arlington, Remington College, and Westwood College. Texas Wesleyan University also has a graduate school in law that trains students to be lawyers. Additionally, many of the graduates of these universities have gone on to study law and become lawyers at other law schools throughout the country.

682 Neighborhoods

One of the most prominent neighborhoods in the 682 area code lies in the West. This includes Arlington Heights, Rivercrest, and Westover Hills. Arlington Heights is a residential neighborhood that many families live in, and is one of the wealthier neighborhoods in the city. For this reason, many lawyers who have successful practices like to reside here, as well as other young professionals and retirees. Both Rivercrest and Westover Hills are similar; they are some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in all of Fort Worth. The wealthiest and most prominent citizens live in these areas.

Downtown in the Cultural District is an area of many museums and entertainment. Some of the museums include the Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Kimbell Art Museum, and Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, among others. Additionally, many other affordable housing developments have sprung up around this neighborhood. The Cultural District has a very urban feel to it, and is a fun place for lawyers to hang out in.

Near Southside is known for the large number of workers who work there. In fact, this neighborhood is the second largest employment center in Tarrant County, and one of the largest employment centers over the entire 682 area code as well. Over 30,000 employees work at medical institutions and other companies in this neighborhood. Additionally, Southside has an abundance of restaurants, affordable housing, and interesting historic architecture. For this reason, many lawyers choose to live in Near Southside as well.

The North area of Fort Worth is another fun place for lawyers and other residents to hang out in. Specifically, the Stockyards neighborhood in the 682 area code has a lot of bars, restaurants, and many country music venues. This neighborhood was once a livestock market and was vital to Fort Worth’s growth in its early years.

682 Courthouses

The courthouses in Fort Worth are regulated by the Tarrant County Court system. This system is very comprehensive and includes Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, Family Courts, Magistrate’s Courts, Probate Courts, and the Justices of Peace. These courts are all housed in the Tarrant County Courthouse, the Tim Curry Justice Center, or the Family Courts Building. As such, many lawyers and other professionals in the legal industry can often be found in these areas trying their cases in front of a judge.

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